Horizontal Fluidized Bed Jet Mill - MQW

Processing materials: barite

Output: 500kg per hour

Raw material particle size: 325 mesh

Finished product particle size: D97: 2.5μm

Industry: Non-metallic minerals

Project address: Guizhou

Powder applications: electronic inks, coatings, paints, chemical fillers

Barite jet mill production line in Guizhou

The Guizhou Barite Mining Company is a leading producer of barite powder in China. With the aim of improving their production efficiency and meeting the growing market demand, they sought a high-performance solution for barite powder processing. After thorough research and evaluation, they decided to invest in a Barite Jet Mill Production Line.

The Barite Jet Mill Production Line, provided by our company, is a state-of-the-art system designed to produce ultra-fine barite powder with high efficiency. It incorporates advanced jet milling technology, which allows for precise control of particle size distribution and ensures a narrow range of particle sizes. The production line consists of several key components, including a jet mill, classifier, dust collector, and control system.

The Barite Jet Mill Production Line in Guizhou has significantly improved the client’s productivity and product quality. The jet milling technology employed in the production line ensures a consistent and uniform particle size distribution, resulting in a higher value product. The advanced dust collector system effectively captures and removes fine particles, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

By adopting the Barite Jet Mill Production Line, the Guizhou Barite Mining Company has experienced a substantial increase in production capacity. The efficient and precise control of particle size has allowed them to meet the specific requirements of various industries, enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, the high-quality barite powder produced has gained recognition in both domestic and international markets, contributing to the company’s overall success.



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