Turbo Mill Grinding

Xanthan gum cyclone grinding powder production line in Shandong, China

At EPIC powder, we recently worked with a major food manufacturing company that required a reliable and efficient solution for producing xanthan gum powder. With our expertise in turbo mill grinding technology, we were able to provide them with a customized Xanthan Gum Turbo Mill Grinding Powder Production Line that exceeded their expectations.

The customer, a leading player in the food industry, had been facing challenges in achieving consistent particle size and uniformity in their xanthan gum powder production process. Traditional grinding methods often resulted in uneven particle distribution, leading to quality variations and compromising the performance of their end products.

Understanding the customer’s requirements, our team of experts designed a state-of-the-art production line that incorporated our innovative turbo mill grinding technology. This technology utilizes high-speed rotating blades to achieve precise and uniform grinding, ensuring optimal particle size distribution.

The Xanthan Gum Turbo Mill Grinding Powder Production Line provided by EPIC Powder delivered remarkable results for the customer. The turbo mill grinding process significantly improved the particle size consistency of the xanthan gum powder, enhancing its functionality and performance in various applications. The customer experienced reduced production time and increased efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved product quality.


Xanthan gum powder


D97: 45μm



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