Heavy calcium carbonate powder pin mill coating modification production line in India

Pin disc mill modification machine

Heavy calcium carbonate powder demand has rapidly increased in various industries, including plastics, rubber, paper, and paint. An advanced pin mill coating modification production line has been established in India to meet this demand. This article will discuss this production line’s features, benefits, and applications, highlighting the importance of calcium carbonate powder pin mill coating modification.

Features of the Production Line:

1. Pin Mill Technology: The production line utilizes a pin mill, which is a high-speed impact mill. This technology ensures the efficient and precise modification of calcium carbonate powder particles, resulting in improved dispersion and compatibility.

2. Coating Modification: The pin mill coating modification process involves applying a thin layer of coating material onto the surface of calcium carbonate particles. This process enhances the powder’s properties, such as flowability, whiteness, and dispersibility.

3. Customizable Coating Materials: The production line offers a wide range of coating materials, allowing customization based on specific industry requirements. These materials include stearic acid, polyethylene wax, and various other additives, ensuring the desired characteristics of the modified powder.







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