How to grind electrolytic aluminum slag into powder

Aluminum slag is made during the electrolytic production of aluminum. Carbon slag contains a large amount of fluoride salt (about 70%, mainly cryolite). If it is discarded as waste, it will not only cause the loss of fluoride salt. This will also increase the use of fluoride salt and pollute the environment. To keep regenerated cryolite pure, and to ensure a high recovery rate, the carbon powder and cryolite must be very pure. The fineness should be above 200 mesh d85%. Use the equipment for closed-circuit grinding. So, how to grind electrolytic aluminum slag into powder?

1. First, prepare the raw materials. Crush the electrolytic aluminum slag into small pieces with a jaw crusher.

2. Pretreatment. The crushed electrolytic aluminum slag needs to be pretreated, including pre-iron removal. This is to reduce the iron in the later grinding. Iron affects the grinding and the slag’s purity. Pretreatment is usually done by adding a magnetic roller. This is done after coarse and fine crushing.

3. Grinding. The treated slag goes to the slag mill. It is grounded in a closed circuit. The fineness and capacity requirements for grinding electrolytic aluminum waste slag are common. Both the Raymond mill and vertical mill can meet its needs.

4. Recovery of aluminum particles from carbon slag. After grinding, the aluminum powder is in the carbon slag. It will be rolled into balls. You can install a slag dischargeer on the mill. It can collect particles for recycling.

The above is the answer to the question of how to grind electrolytic aluminum slag into powder. Grinding the electrolytic aluminum slag with a mill improves the conditions. It helps with the later steps. If you need to grind electrolytic aluminum slag, call us. We can tell you the equipment.


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