Natural Mineral Pigments

mineral pigments

Mineral pigments are inorganic. They are a type of inorganic matter and are colored. There are two main sources. One is from natural ores. They are made through beneficiation, crushing, grinding, grading, and refining. It is mainly used for paintings, handicrafts, antiques, and cultural relics restoration. Another source of inorganic pigments is pigments made from […]

Stone Paper

stone paper

Stone paper is a new material that is similar to paper and plastic. It can replace some functional and professional papers. It can replace most plastic packaging. It is both cost-effective and recyclable. It saves users a lot of money without causing pollution. Material introduction Stone paper is made from limestone, a mineral with abundant […]

Rice Husk | Rice Husk Powder

Rice husk

The outer husk of rice. It can be utilized to produce soy sauce, wine, and fuel. Oyster mushrooms can also be grown in bags. Rice husk has physicochemical properties. It consists of outer and inner glumes, guard glumes, and small cobs. There are hairs on the outside of the top of the outer glumes. The […]

Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Bamboo carbon powder is a solid material. It is made by heating bamboo raw materials at high temperatures with limited oxygen. It transforms into a black carbon material with specific strength and hardness. Material usage When it meets air, it absorbs harmful gases, purifies indoor air, and makes it fresh air. In water, it can […]

The importance of powders in advanced ceramics

Al2O3 insulating electronic ceramic products for new energy vehicles

Powders are crucial for advanced ceramics. This is evident in how people define advanced ceramics. The general definition of advanced ceramics is: they use high-purity, ultra-fine, man-made or selected inorganic compounds as their raw materials. They have precise chemical compositions, manufacturing, and processing methods. They also have a precise structural design. They have excellent mechanical, […]

The different roles of heavy calcium and light calcium in rubber applications


Calcium carbonate is an important and widely used inorganic salt. Calcium carbonate is usually divided into heavy and light forms. This is based on different processing methods. Calcium carbonate is the most widely used powder filler in the rubber industry. It comes in two forms: heavy and light. Related concepts 1. Calcium carbonate. It is […]

Preparation and application of high specific calcium hydroxide

High specific calcium hydroxide

High specific surface area calcium hydroxide is a powder. It has a high specific surface area. It is used in many fields, like environmental protection and medicine. There are many methods for making high surface area calcium hydroxide. They include the mechanical, chemical precipitation, microemulsion, and template methods. The mechanical method uses force to break, […]

Application of airflow classifier in metal powder industry

Microscopic spherical aluminum powder

The airflow classifier is a widely used equipment in the metal powder industry. By classifying the size of powder particles, it can effectively improve product quality and market competitiveness. This article will introduce the working principle of air classifiers. It will also cover their application areas and advantages. working principle Air Jet Sieve uses the […]


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