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Nano calcium carbonate requires surface modification

Due to the surface effect and hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of nano-calcium carbonate, unmodified nano-calcium carbonate has shortcomings such as dispersion, poor affinity, and easy agglomeration when applied to organic polymers, seriously affecting the quality of the product. , leading to interface defects between the two materials, and the higher the filling amount of nano-calcium […]

Detailed description of jet mill: wide range of applications

In recent years, with the recognition of ultrafine particle superiority, more and more researchers have begun to attach importance to micro powder manufacturing research. Jet mill technology, an important method for preparing ultrafine powder, has become one of the preferred methods for developing high-performance micro powder materials. Characteristics of jet mill Jet mill, also known […]

How can calcium carbonate be used without adding fillers?

Heavy calcium carbonate powder

Superhydrophobic surfaces have a wide range of applications in a variety of fields such as waterproofing, anti-fog, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, anti-icing, and flow resistance reduction due to their unique properties. Nevertheless, mass producing low-cost, low toxicity, easy to apply, and durable superhydrophobic coatings remains a challenge. In nature, there are a vast number of calcium […]

Which calcium carbonate should I use for PVC modification?

Heavy calcium carbonate powder

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a cheap and readily available polymer material with a wide range of applications in industries such as footwear, pipe fittings, wire, cable, and calendered films. However, the poor toughness and lack of thermal stability of pure PVC materials have limitations in many applications. Therefore, in many industries, PVC composites modified with […]

The use of heavy calcium carbonate powder 400 mesh in various industries

heavy calcium powder

According to different regions, production costs, material costs, and the whiteness of heavy calcium carbonate powder, the price of 400 mesh heavy calcium carbonate powder also varies greatly. Heavy calcium carbonate powder 400 mesh is usually used as filler, and is also widely used in daily chemical industries such as artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, […]

Application and efficacy of calcium carbonate powder in industrial production industry

Heavy calcium carbonate powder

Calcium carbonate powder is widely used in industrial production and has many common applications and effects. Calcium carbonate powder is a powder, block. These industries include rubber, plastic, paint, and water-based coatings. Also, the construction (dry mortar, concrete), and fireproof ceiling industries. Product parameters: CaCO3 calcium carbonate: 98.8% whiteness 88-96 sieve residue (30.8um) “PH value […]


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