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Can you distinguish between microsilica powder, silica powder, quartz powder and white carbon black?

The main components of microsilica powder, silica powder, quartz powder, and white carbon black are silica, but what are the differences and connections between them?

A quartz powder production workshop
A quartz powder production workshop

After many industry experts’ generous advice, the editor finally has a clear understanding of these concepts. Overall, it is more valuable to distinguish from the preparation industry and application fields. Of course, there are also senior technical experts who told the story of the origin of the name, which is indeed eye-catching and meaningful.

Microsilica powder: Generally collected through smoke and dust, it contains a certain amount of silica dust.

Silica powder: In the industry, ultrafine powder obtained by grinding quartz ore with corresponding purity or silica (such as white carbon black) fine powder obtained through chemistry are called silica micropowder.

Quartz powder: Powder obtained by crushing quartz raw ore through different processing equipment.

White carbon black: Silica powder obtained by chemical methods, including gas phase method and precipitation method.

Savor it carefully, these few sentences still describe the differences between the above four in a concise and comprehensive manner. Especially why natural quartz stone is called quartz powder when processed in Heyuan, Guangdong, and silica powder when processed in Donghai, Jiangsu. “In the industry, people grind quartz ore with corresponding purity into ultra-fine powder.” I think this statement is relatively accurate, and it also shows the depth of the definer’s understanding of the industry. Because Jiangsu Donghai mainly processes high-purity silica micro powder, while Guangdong Heyuan does not pay as much attention to the purity of silica as Donghai.

Microsilica was initially defined as fine powder collected from the chimneys of steel plants. In the early 1990s, the domestic refractory industry mostly used Norwegian silica powder, which is actually chimney dust collection powder of steel companies, and its fineness is in the sub-micron level. At that time, the use of this product had not yet been discovered in China. Later, after domestic steel companies discovered this problem, the prices of foreign products continued to drop. At that time, it was called silica powder.

In the late 1990s, with the reform and opening up of my country and the development of the private economy, domestic electronic circuit boards also developed rapidly. Lianyungang Donghai, Guangdong Dongguan, Foshan and other places saw business opportunities and carried out ultrafine purification of quartz powder. This kind of product has no name, and it cannot be called quartz powder or ultrafine quartz powder. It seems too low-level and technical, so just call it silica powder. This title has gradually formed a trend with more and more reasons for companies. So far it occupies the title high ground. Captured the original definition and connotation of silica powder. Because the market power of the original microsilica powder was not strong enough, we had to give it another nickname: microsilica powder. In a word, silica powder is the product of plundering ultra-fine quartz powder in the past century. This plot is really bloody, but it is indeed very intriguing.


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