How to improve the pickling effect of quartz sand and prevent yellowing?

Acid washed quartz

High-purity quartz sand processing requires pickling. This is accurate under current mineral processing conditions. Pickling has various effects and functions. These are difficult to replace with water washing, flotation, or other methods. It can remove impurities. They are located on the surface of quartz sand particles. They are formed as inclusions or embedded within particles. […]

Which powders require surface modification?

surface modification

High-end powders that require surface modification are mainly inorganic powders and ultrafine powders. Here are specific examples and why: Inorganic powder Porous silica and silica powder are inorganic powders. They can increase their surface hydroxyl through surface modification. This enhances the hydration effect of the powder. It enhances their strength and is compatible with composites. […]


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